"Investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others"

I will:

1. Stop to help.



2. Listen when others want to talk.



3. Give of my resources to help those in need.



4. Look for lasting solutions.



5. Comfort others without regard to race, gender, faith, age, or nationality.



of a 


The life of an animal in the deep heart of Africa is unpredictable. Every animal has its own way of coping with the dangerous life that is the jungle, but the zebra displays the character of compassion even through the cruel ways of life in the jungle.


Care for the Injured


There are some animals that will leave their injured to suffer alone, but without hesitation, the majestic stallion approach the mare and sniffed her legs where they had slid across the hard ground.


Very carefully will they lick her wounds, and brush away the caked dirt that covered her legs.


The stallion will stay with the mare and protect her while she slept and waited for her wounds to close.


Look for the Lost


Some animals leave their lost and won't bother looking for them, but several zebras will immediately start searching for the missing youngsters while the herd gather and rested together.


Help for the Helpless


In the events of a lion attack, many animals give up on the helpless, but the zebras display a rare form of compassion where they will come to aid a fellow zebra in danger.


Before the lions could charge at the helpless mare, a couple of zebras would sweep them into the middle of the herd where they will be safe from the hungry lions.